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Program Updates Windows 10 Compatible!

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We update the same file during a year so there is only one file to download. i.e. If your version reads 06.xx.xx.xx then you only need to download lmw2006 and future updates. However if your version is 05.xx.xx.xx then you would need both lmw2005 and lmw2006
The files below contain Updates to the Lease Master they are all self installing, and are all password protected,
call 800-701-6686 for the current password. Warning, updates contain many changes that may no be
completely documented. Call for details.




08-09-2023 Download LMW2014.exe (1.4MG)

Over Allowance on Lease include rebate in the calculation. Rollback improvement, Apr exact rollbacks down to decimal rates.
County Tax added to Recap, Help tutorial upgrade, Credit Card Billing, Larger Database when printing forms. New Michigan trade tax credit up to 2000. New Feature! Now you can save the screenshots of an entire deal directly on your cell phone, tablet android, or Iphone, You can also take a set of pictures of a car with your phone and save it directly into inventory images, also faster network using the cloud. Call for deatails (no extra charge, its all included!) Cancel offer to save deal before printing, Memirize printer on preview and better payment coupon output to memorized printers and sizeable previews. Colorado City tax adjust, BHPH extra character in acct number. New Colorado County Tax for Boat & Motor separate from trailer. Adjustment to Tilden APR Leases.
Manheim Auction Inventory Import. Clean up anoyance in vehicle info New advance default 73=1 to avoid request to confirm MONRR.
New feature to save the Notes Section of the Invoice (BHPH), And the latest on the Anchor (the little red cross on the right side of the Home Screen) Lets you keep all 4 windows Home, Customer, Vehicle and Misc. all resizable, and attached to a yellow anchor, fixes include the ability to remember the settings size and position and help with switching from Purchase to Lease etc. Please let us know how you like it. Now you can fill up a 200 inch screen! Better driveoff rollbacks on Lease, month to date driveoff-cap red. New MTD button to get a CSV for Excel clean of totals and titles. New button in the form printer module you can save the settings of a form for a specific lender, if you chose a lender from the bank menu you can enter for example a lienholder number and select the Set 4 Bank button, the next time that lender is selected the form will include the number and any other bank specific info for the form. Tilden BHPH adjustments. Including Lease vs Loan warranty adjustment. More Bank Specific Form defaults! even what printer. More BHPH compatibility. CA lic adjustment. Recall client info from Customer Screen into a new deal to avoid bringing up old deal settings.
New update 2022 has a feature that will let you import your advance default setings from a prior saved deal, If you lost your settings when you restored your PC after installing the Demo and the latest update you can simply recall a deal that worked well, go to Customer information, select the File Menu and select Import Advance Defaults from this deal. After that return to the Home Screen and select File Clear Deal, Your Advanced defaults will be the ones you had when that deal was made, You can also later visit File Defaults Advance Defaults and Add the settings to your memorized defaults for future use. Updates to Compare Module (tools menu) Now you can single click to delete a quote or deal from the Customer name file (be careful the change is permanent). You can also Merge a clients file with a backup and then single click the duplicates to remove them, the merging files will be added to the open deal file. You can even merge files with diferent last names, Make sure you update your MTD.dat file if you do.

12-24-2013 Download LMW2012.exe (5.4MG)

More BHPH reports Large File Cache for Accounting Files, makes recalling an account faster.
New Colors!just click on the blue background of your home screen and it will change color!, (up to 5 choices) this will change the home screen (deal calculation), Customer, Vehicle and Misc Info screens, and if you save the deal it will save it with the new color!
This will help you mark your quotes and it will also help when you are working on more than one deal at the same time, by selecting a different color for each one. New Help for MTD reports. Added color to BHPH, Improved show all (red cross on lower right corner) so the top of the screens do not hide above the top of the desktop. Payment Date; if you change the payment due date (misc info) on a lease to a date before the sale date, the program will change the sale date to match and warn you instead of jumping a hundred years. Hide the Invoice in vehicle Info, now a single click on the Invoice Label will hide the amount, you can drag the mouse over to see it, or open the repair order section, a second click restores the Invoice. Prompt for Date on Forms Explorer for those un-dated pre saved deals, Multiple form print, You can select up to 18 forms at a time (use ctrl button or drag mouse over many forms). New Quick save warning on print, you can save your deal when you print your forms. New option Not to save deal when printing (advanced defaults number 64), Marine Inventory fix to price Boat Trailer & motors. Updates to Master Pad, you can now print multipage signature ready PDF's you can now print directly to a monitor laid flat on your desk table, an ipad android or any other device capable of displaying pdf's, Additions to the payment book wich now can also print to PDF directly without extra paper waste.

12-31-2011 Download LMW2011.exe (7.4MG)
(Must have 12-14-2010 or higher)

Introducing the New Full Screen View, with a cross that holds the main home screen, Customer, Vehicle and Miscellaneous Screens together, you will notice a red cross on the lower right corner of the home screen, click it and you will see the other screens appear, move it to drag all 4 screens, mouse over to update all info, you can undock to resize, and drag over the cross to re-dock.
You can click the Top Icon to Maximize the group to full screen, the = sign to make all windows the same size as the home screen the right X to close the cross, and the bottom X to close all 4 windows. This feature can help you see all info on one shot, but it's also very useful to handle multiple deals at the same time on the large LCD screens available. Added re sizeable Defaults Module, Bank Menu, Recap Screen, Status Pad. Metro2 fine tuning. New Default Printer Switching, is automatic!, you can now select a specific printer
for each form, and select what other printer you want to become the default printer afterwards. The form printer module has a pair
of drop down boxes listing all your printers, select the printer for the form, and the one you want to be the default after, once you made the selection, simply click the set default button, this update install an additional program to set defaults after the installation.

Fix on Default printer setup. More W7 updates(fixed MTD issue). New E-mail Setup The program can send e-mails in the background, get reports of sales and payment receipts, send a quick message to your customer, more to come soon, Fix on multiple form printing.
New added 2 more drop down boxes for Month to date reports.
Now you can Charge a credit card right out of the program, with selections of Down Payment, Pickup Payments or Monthly Payments wired directly to Charge It!
Upload your reports to your favorite Web site in one click, you can FTP a report directly to the web.
Okidata made new drivers for Windows 7 64 bit Now you can print 33 inch long forms! More BHPH report changes, new faster way to Accounting Files. New Disclosure, Print Screen and Accounting reports on multiple notepads.
MetroII now includes accounts moved to the charge off folder, so they no longer appear in other reports but continue to report bad accounts. You can now go directly to accounting files from the home screen.
New faster Accounting reports, removed redraw between date entries, New Lease Module features, charge Lic Fee, Doc Fee and Certificate on Cap cost, (toggle between in cap and Drive off for each.




12-14-2010 Download LMW2010.exe (7.4MG)
(Must have 11-17-2009 or higher)

Download LMW 2010
This update includes the new re sizable windows, you can make the Home screen, Customer, and Miscellaneous modules, as well as BHPH and save & recall modules
cover the entire screen or as small as a square inch, the program also remembers the last positions and a check box lets you toggle between an open layout and a stack of windows.

Added a pop up calendar, if you double click the vehicle date-in box, BHPH Accounting will prevent two customers from using the same account number (name verification)
More Metro 2 Adjustments and failsafe's, New CSV option for some accounting reports.
Grid adjustments, duplicate lease,date range report BHPH-regional settings- option to exclude lease doc fee tax from cap reduction tax in cap.
Vehicle Information is now re sizable. New Lease Rollback control
Date Range report now includes late fees paid, Suzuki apr,delinquent. report to excel
Ship to change on invoice sale. Next Due Date Help on BHPH, Colorado 3 Tax Option screen is now resizeable.Vehicle Grid Fix. BHPH delinquent report includes tax in lease pyt. Reverse name fix
Loan Tax on Payment option(Deferred Sales Tax)!
Added Insurance pyt to Lease & LHPH Insurance & Fines Tracking.
Lease rollback to residual, Insurance Agent List fix.
New Lease to Loan conversion module. Fix on browse for customers on other locations
More BHPH reports. Y2K Date fix to prevent 2011 problems, pie chart fix for inventory reports. ToDo reminders update. Save &Store window slider, BHPH Help on reports, memo late fee, feature, fee post, mult pyt conflict fix.More metro 2 changes, additional report in acct
Repair order colors fix.More BHPH report tweaks.Paid acct bill warning fix More BHPH LHPH reports Backout Pyt, Additional field for name of person posting a payment.




11-17-2009 Download LMW2009.exe (5.2MG)
(Must have 12-15-2008 or higher)


Download LMW2009.exe (5.2MG) (Must have 12-15-2008 or higher)
This update includes the new Frequently Asked Questions Search Help
Now you can send an e-mail to your prospect (Prospect Db) directly
Month to Date Report adjustment to Tot.GROSS LP (gross includes all commissions)
Inventory mark-up fix
New! Fuel savings comparison to show the time it would take to recover the higher cost of a more fuel efficient vehicle.
Look for it in the Other Menu below the cash conversion calculator.
New! Terror List Check, In your Customer Information Module, Just click the button and see the report FREE!
Bi-weekly Date adjustments to Amortization module
Marine Dealer Multi vehicle w. different Tax rates. New County Change= Tax Rate Change, PA Lease Tax 3% add
LA Trailer Tax . PA Cap red tax. Recall Cust.Info across network fix.
Lease roll-back to rate fix, PA 3% in BHPH MTD button=last month, 15 char drivers lic field
New weekly 4/month lease payment calculation = 1 extra month/year
New Open and Save across networks and other locations with the Browse button
BHPH failsafe added to prevent unsaved sold file in accounting.
MTD reports added e-mail field- New Message Box, Type SAY HELLO, or SAY DON'T TOUCH, or SAY followed by anything on the choice box to see a message on the screen, could help avoid the loss of a calculation or to give a customer a message like "Your request has been denied"
Export to Quickbooks version 3 update. BHPH LHPH updates, resolved invoice sale conflict
Additional Weekly Lease Payment Adjustments for terms not matching monthly terms. More work on auto saving of trade-in in inventory, New TUB report DateTUB will let you pull a Total Unpaid Balance as of any date.
New Browser in the Help Menu, we have noticed that trying to type a web address is more and more difficult with the newer browsers and search engines, you start typing a www address and the search tries to send you elsewhere. This one is one you can control.Std Rpt fix on BHPH.
New Prime-Eagle Weekly and Bi-weekly Lease

12-15-2008 Download LMW2008.exe (7.2MG)
(Must have 12-31-2007 or higher)

Download LMW2008.exe (5.8MG) (Must have 12-31-2007 or higher)
This update includes updates to the Export to Quickbooks option on the File Menu and Month to Date Reports. This module will export Invoices, Bills and Journal Entries directly to Quickbooks.
This will also require installation of the Quickbooks Importer Click Here to Download.
Works with Quickbooks 2003 to 2008. The demo will work with the Quickbooks demo and Loan Master demo file only.
Also new, Drop down Warranty Company information and Insurance Agents, features that help avoid repetitive input.
And the new Cosigner Date of Birth variable. Also the Customer City, State, Zip and County, and a feature to copy the address to the Co-Buyer.Compliance additions to the Deal Menu.
Enter your repair orders in Quickbooks and send them directly to your inventory database, Click Here to Download the new Quickbooks Exporter.
Now you can also export your BHPH Invoices and payments directly to Quickbooks LMW 2008.EXE.
Additions to F&I Menu (LoJack, Cilajet and wheels&tire), Recap addition, Save Store Safeguards, MTD wildcards, wholesale, retail options, and Inventory store w/o asterisk prevention.
Automatic Storing of Trade-in to Inventory, Separate Back-end Accessories as 4th item in commission calculator, Store Commission selections with deal
VIN Decoder, check digit, Make and Year, simply double click the VIN to load or check the info.
Amount Financed rollback improvements, print receipt, recall customer into deal fix.
New Wholesale/Retail Status Export to separate QuickBooks accounts or class, Export Quickbooks Checks directly to repair orders with or without internal invoices.
Florida Tax Setup, Vista 64 Compatibility adjustments to vehicle information Markup box
when you change term from monthly to weekly or bi-weekly the program will calculate the new number of payments based on the monthly term.


12-31-2007 Download LMW2007.exe (5.8MG)
(Must have 12-23-2006 or higher)
  Store MTD remove from inventory fix
MTD F&I Report, TN Tax adjustments
Windows VISTA compatible version
This update is required to be compatible
with Vista, get ready for amazing results!
New!, Now you can schedule inventory
reports (See the FAQ section for details)
Minor adjustment for integration with
other software
Additional Vista compatibility improvements
More TN tax adjustments
New Registration system, if you are connected
to the internet there is no need to read codes
back and forth.

This update includes the Export to Quickbooks option on the File Menu. This module will export Invoices, Bills and
Journal Entries directly to Quickbooks.
This will also require installation of the Quickbooks Exporter Click Here to Download.
Works with Quickbooks 2003 to 2008.
The demo will work with the Quickbooks demo and Loan Master demo file only.

More info

  12-23-2006 Download LMW2006.exe (6.3MG)
(Must have 12-06-2005 or higher)

New Texas LA&H Rates
Used Vehicle information Book value & Retail Boxes
Customer Cellular Phone input field.
Multi Dealer button switch (Can change network location of customer files with a single click)
MTD total net & this month fix.
New Master form align tool so you don't have to send originals by mail...
More info

  12-06-2005 Download LMW2005.exe (15.MG)
(Must have 12-28-2004 or higher)

New Disclosure Page for Loan Master Purchase Module.
New Balloon Pyt disclosure
New compatibility with XP Sp2 version of Windows, fixes Wordpad interface for notes.
New Advanced Defaults Choice for Boat Dealers, Automatically re-labels Inventory
New feature for changing Inventory Tax, so old deals don't recalculate...
More info

  12-28-2004 Download LMW2004 (15.MG)
(Must have 12-29-03 or higher)

Inventory Tax included in recap Sales Tax Line
Date & Time of Mtd tax and Mtd doc report
New KarPower Used car price manual IMPORT (select File UCPM in vehicle information)
Select the asc file you created with KarPower and select the vehicles you want to import.
New 365 day/year calculation...

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  Dataflite program   https://www.dataflite.com/downloads/update.asp
  Master Form Maker Use this to print a grid on any new form you need programmed and carefully fax it to 818 4885155
  16 bit (Windows 98)Master Form Maker Use this to print a grid on any new form you need programmed and carefully fax it to 818 4885155.
  List of Features Added from 1998 to 2003- Click Here!
Menu selling and 3 vehicle inventory!



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