Forms & Contracts Module
The Forms and Contracts Module lists the available forms, this list may be edited by choosing the
EDIT FORMS.INI button in the Form Maker Module (File/Defaults Menu).
To select a Form to print you must Double Click the Contract name in the box.
or press select after single clicking the form.
If you wish to FILTER out Forms you do not use frequently you may select the form with one mouse
click and then Click the Hide button.

The Forms followed by dots are text only the ones followed by dashes "- - - " are Graphical forms
After you have selected a file to print you may see the Form Printer Module as shown below.

forms and contracts

You can select a specific printer for the form, and another as your main printer (the one you use to print letters or web pages) the program will remember this setting if you select the Set Defaults button.

Setting up your printer:

Windows 2000/XP See the tutorial click here

The first time set up of your printer will be done by us via remote control, once you set the printer that each form will use you should never have to have it done again. Call 800 701-6686 with any questions

Ordering New Forms:
(The Forms we sell are the program to complete (fill in) the blank spaces, We do not sell the original documet, contact your Lender or Document vendor For the Original Documents)

We can program your forms if you email or fax them after printing our master form maker grid (calibration sheet) on them first.
There is no need to mail originals.



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