Store Module

The Store Module uses a customized File Manager to take you directly to the WORK.WRK(Working Directory) and the LESD.WRK(Sold directory).

We use separate directories so you may store quotes and prospects without fear of overwriting or misplacing your close transactions.

Each customer is stored as an individual file making it fast and simple to retrieve even years after saving.

The file uses the first eight letters of the Last Name and the multiple sales, quotes, or customers with the same name are all parts of the same file displayed when the file is opened.

When you select the save menu your customers name will show up in the middle box if it has been stored before. At this point you may click the Save button to add this quote to the existing ones or you may Double click the name to display the contents on the right box and then double click the one you wish to replace.

You can toggle between sold and working directories by clicking the sold or work buttons or navigate your file system by using the folder icons and drive icons displayed on the left.

You can also choose a different drive as your default drive in the advanced section of the defaults module, that way all users in the network could be storing files in the same location.

If you wish to Recall customers using the Windows Explorer you may Drag the Customer file out of the Work.wrk Folder on top of the Lease Master Icon and this will open the Lease Master with that customer Pre-loaded.

You can also create a shortcut of the Sold or Working folder and place it right on your desktop (Win 95) and sort and view files by date size or name.

Individual customer files may be E-mailed and copied or transferred from one computer to the next.


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