Recap Module

The Recap Module allows you to view and edit the calculation of your profit and enter any expenses added by you that are not included in the Mark-up Box, and calculate the Commissions, to be paid to salespersons participating in the transaction.

If you click the Salesperson’s Name box, the window on the right will be replaced by a list where you can enter the Name, Address, and Social Security or Tax ID Number of any recipient of commissions or referral fees.

The Funding Due Box, displays the Amount The Lender will Fund the broker, when Split Funding with the Fleet Dealer. The Fleet Dealer will in turn receive the Invoice plus the Mark-Up. As shown in the "To Dlr. " Box.

The expenses listed here are only the ones you must pay directly and are not handled by the selling Fleet Dealer or the Source of the vehicle or factory.
These expenses are also listed in the Accessories Box, and you can edit them by clicking Accessories.
As shown below.

When you select the Print Recap Button the program will display and print a complete report which you may use as a ledger and log receipt numbers and check numbers to complete your accounting.

Pay Reserve =Pay Commissions on the reserve income.

Pay Warr. =Pay on the Service contract profit.

Pay Frnt =Pay on the front profit.

Add New =Add the name address and social security number of a new Salesperson.

Flat gross =This is when you pay a flat amount for the gross or front profit

Flat warr =This is when you pay a flat amount for the warranty profit.

Flat reserve =This is when you pay a flat amount for the reserve or interest profit.

Pak amount =The PAK is a portion of the profit deducted before you calculate commissions.


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