Purchase Home Screen

The Purchase Module may be your main screen if you choose it in the Defaults module.

This module is a worksheet just like the Lease Home Screen, here you may enter the terms and calculate the payments it is also the Main part of the program.Moving around may be done with the mouse or keyboard arrow keys. Pressing Enter in one box will move the focus to the next one, and pressing the ESC key will clear the contents of the box.

Many choices may be made in relation to this module by selecting changes in the tools menu or in the Advanced Defaults.

The Code Box displays your transaction profit at all times as long as :

• You have entered the terms on the boxes above.

• The cost of the vehicle has been entered.

• Any additions have been listed in the recap module.

• The amount of money received been entered in the Cash Down Box.

• The Buy Rate has been entered correctly.

If you click and hold the mouse in the code box it will display the cost.

The Notes Box displays information with instructions as you move from box to box on the worksheet above. You may also enter some Keyboard shortcuts in this box.(See Keyboard Shortcuts).

The TODO Bar displays the amount of items that are due or past due in the current day. You may click this bar to access the file or pull it down from the Tools Menu. You may store items in the TODO File years in advance and you will be reminded on the specified date.

Additional features in the purchase module include:

Terms can be changed from M= Monthly to B= Bi-Weekly Weekly or S= Semi Monthly, by clicking the label Term on the home screen.

Balloon Payment loans may be calculated by selecting Balloon Payment from the tools menu.

Many other defaults and variations may be selected from the Advanced Defaults section to change the way items are taxed and regulations met.

The Tools Menu contains many items that may appear on an individual deal or replace existing ones.


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