The Lease Master will work in any Windows Compatible Network environment Peer to Peer or client server, it is however important that you install the program in each workstation and on a unique drive. The program can then be instructed via the advanced defaults settings to store all customer files and accounts to a common server. The common server would have to have the directories :\lease :\lease\lesd.wrk and :\lease\work.wrk and :\lease\accts

The DEALER.INI file lets you set the comm port, local area code and location for your Dealer Database (contact manager).

The INVENT.DEF file lets you set the Mapped Drive letter to use for you Vehicle Inventory file so all users may access the same Database.

The Imaging files memorize the last location used so you do not need to set any defaults.

It is recommended that someone has access to mapped drive letters for the network workstations to ease the process of updating Default and Bank settings. This is also known as peer to peer networking.

When saving defaults you have a Drive selector to choose a mapped drive to install into, otherwise you would have to set defaults on each station.

Some users have installed the Lease Master directly in the network server with success, this works in cases where full access is granted to all network workstations to read and write to the server's root directory. The problem with this type of set up is that the process of printing contracts  would be limited to one user at a time.

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