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Before you can produce a Month To Date report you will need to save some deals in the permanent sold folder... After you complete a sale
you can simply select File, Store MTD and Save, this will take you to the Sold Folder where you can click Save again to save the final deal.

After you save a few deals you can return to the Month To Date Report Module (Tools, MTD Report) and select a date rage to report on.
You can simply select This Month or Last Month to have the dates entered for you, or you can enter the dates in mm/yyyy format.

The first Drop down contains unique reports at the bottom of the list, those are premade Gross Reports, F&I reports, Mailing Labels and
Commission Reports, after selecting one you can click the report button to see the report on the screen and save or print it if you want.

You can also create your own report by selecting the items with the Check boxes and then selecting a single item from each of the six drop
down lists, they contain all the variables in the program so the report can include all data. you can also select a filter, for example you could
want a sales tax report only for a specific County by selecting COUNTY form the filter drop down and typing the County Name on the box below.

After your selections are made you can save the report for future use by selecting the ADD button and typing a unique description.

To see the report you can click the Report Button, alternatively you can create a Excel Spreadsheet by selecting the CSV button (You will need
Microsoft Office Excel Installed)

The Create a Phonebook button will generate the data for our Phone Book Option (Other Menu) The Phone Book helps you find customers and
their information by simply typing the numbers shown on the caller ID.

Below we are showing just a few of the reports you can get.

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