List of Features Added from 1998 to 2003  

Select Multiple Forms to Hide or Show in the Forms & Contracts Menu!
Left Click keeps adding to selections, Right Click shows last one!
New Indiana LA&H rates.
Improved zero Apr, now you can start a deal by simply entering the term and payment, it will start a rollback to Price and you may add the rate later.
Get the Margin on your Recaps!, More inventory error control.
Improved Credit report communications.
New BHPH reports.
Recall an account from the main account module without having to load the files menu, simply type the account number and click load.
Switch between Rule of 78 and Simple Interest on an existing account.
New Inventory Title Report(using Key#/Notes for Title info)
Recalculate Deal will fix Billing Dates When removing Double Billing.
NEW WEB BASED CREDIT REPORTS (Throw away the old modem) call 800 701-6686
Better handling of VSI with Bank Menu
Export MTD Excel CSV files
Portfolio selector Help.
More calendar features and improved response
GAP Insurance & VSI profit in MTD reports.
Funding Reminder
Gross report incl doc fee, Gap and Down Pyt Ohio Lease LA&H
Back end Access added to recap printout.Amort Report includes dates
New BHPH Warning option for unbilled accounts
Nee BHPH Move button to move accounts to new folders
Network Enabled Inventory Grid
New Ohio LA&H rates. OH TAX rounding options
New Envelopes/labels from BHPH Accounts(look in reports frm the Files section)
New Exportable inventory reports so you can create your updates to web sites
New Advanced option to show the rebate box all the time.
MTD added Invent tax field,crt tax,2pyt+fee, combined year make and loger vin field
MTD added vin to labels, BHPH added late fees to statement.
New Chrysler Gold key factors
New enhanced lease rollback & exact pyt option
Added Bucket on Tubreport2 Invoice+Markup+oa+lic+taxes vs loan balance
Enhanced Lease Payment Rollbacks, use F3 & F5 to nudge the rate by.0000000001 when needed.
New 1 button switch buyer with co-buyer.
BHPH remembers the last late charge amount or percentage
Addition to Tub2 reports date when payments will cover cost of vehicle.
Added Dealer phone and fax to credit app, and Defaults Module
F&I Menu updated
Save in sold files protection against duplicate quotes, MTD duplicate stock number protection
Added Payment to This week report
Access to our Newsletter from the help menu.
Automatic Cap Reduction Tax Override if Trade Value causes Tax Credit
Lease Disclosure shows Accessories & Gap
Password protect your inventory and sold files from deletion
New Vehicle import! recall V1,V2 and or V3 from a prior deal, save other dealer stock in your pc
Boat &RV Dealers save manufacturers Motor & Trailer list for retrieval
MTD Filter Deal type using Contact in Vehicle Info, New MTD Doc, tax reports
New "This Month" button to speed date entry.
New SEARCH in the recall module find deals by any variable in them, serial numbers, stock, first name etc.
New Inventory Grid! Now you can look at all your cars together, sort and group them as you like.
Hide the Trade ACV by clicking the TACV label.
Over Ride the Bank Control by clicking the Bank Name or selecting Tools Change BuyRate.
See the Name of the Lienholder on the Purchase Home Screen
Over-ride reserve income with a Flat amount in the Recap Sale Module.
See your Total Finance Charges in the Notes Box with a Mouse Drag over the Add On Rate!
Inventory Repair Orders (up to 14 itemized)

Accounting Reports
  Remember to check your version before the update...
call for details.
Accounting Reports... Annual Interest report on all accounts by year!
Statement... Send a statement instead of an invoice list balance forward and last 4 payments!
2 trade ins in the same deal!
Auto Load the Forms Defaults!
More Tax specific options.
New Pie Chart Reports on Inventory Makes, Years, And Aging with better report selection tools and descriptions.
Trans Union Credit Reports has been added to the Reports section so you can run CBI TRW and TU
More functionality to the Forms Printer Module including warnings on required fields.
New TRW Additional Feature Box so you can add the new CM-CAN feature
Clear the Vehicle screen without affecting the MSRP or Home screen Calculations
Set Defaults in the Payment Book Printer Module
New Network Functionality Peer to Peer or client server
Buy here Pay Here Accounting Multiple Billing
Exact payment rollback purchase to APR rate. Print lists of Customer Database
New Florida Long Middle Name Option
Provident Pro-Rata lease Zero first Payment option
Now you can edit the Access, Smog/Tag, Ins/Cert/Tire Fee, Doc Fee, and License Fee Labels on the Purchase Model, to adapt the program.
Use the Form maker to edit the purchscn.def file included with this update and save it with the same File Name.
Some States Let you deduct the Sales Tax for the value of the Trade In while others Don't, and some States let you do it when its a New Car but won't if its used. The Advanced Defaults permit the changes but now we added a label in the Purchase Home Screen (below the Trade Allowance box) and you can click it to toggle between Taxable and Non Taxable!
Screen backgrounds!, From the File Menu select Defaults and then Change Background, the program will display the Home Screen and a file Manager to select the Background you wish. We have included a few in this update. You can use a different for Lease or Purchase.
This addition will let you itemize the Repair Orders and accessories you add to your inventory!
USB is Here! For those that need to move from PC to PC on the fly, For the Printers that use the superports (the ones that don't like to share the printer port with the Key) For added Security...
The USB key can be added to your car keys! CALL to order your USB!
Buy Here Pay Here Receipts and TUB reports!

Ever wanted to Set a Deal's APR rate, Doc Fee or other default so when the program is called upon the settings are ready?
Edit the shortcut in your desktop... to C:\lease\lease11.exe c:\lease\work.wrk\new then save a deal the way you want it in the Working directory and use "NEW" for the last name.

Change the file attributes of the "NEW" file in the Work.wrk directory to Read ONLY.
Next time you click the Icon to start the program it will have your settings memorized!
Buy Here Pay Here Accounting is now Better at keeping Dates and reporting Pay Offs, simply re-compile any old accounts to apply the new settings.

Ford Motor Credit Company APR Rates!
Lease Interview, Includes Your profit to build the Cap Cost!(other items added)
More Advanced Defaults for Texas (So you can TAX the Invoice instead of the Cap Cost)
Included in update lmw99-03.exe update Feb 26th 1999
Filter MTD reports! You can select only New Car Deals or only the deals with a particular Bank or Salesperson!
New Vehicle inventory Update button, so you can use instead of the Save button when updating without going to the next record.
Status button (Broker/Dealer) Fixed!
New F&I Report on LA&H ESC and Reserve in one page!, More reportable variables in the MTD module!
New Credit Application Module.... Order today! FREE! (if you are current on your Annual Maintenance)
automatically saves all info with the Deal (all the info!)
Prints existing CMCDA !

Also NEW is our 32 bit Forms Printer module!, Faster and with the ability to print more than one document at the same time, so you can pack them on the way to the printer!
New: Click the OVERRIDE label to return to regular sales tax on purchases and click the cap reduction tax OVERRIDE in the Lease Module. Double clicking the Up front Sales tax (if its blue, which means its over ridden) will return you to regular up front tax in the lease module.

Attention Virginia Dealers: This Update includes a new feature Warranty Sales Tax %, for separate Sales tax rate on extended service contracts or Warranties, please edit the 6th item in the advanced defaults to activate this feature put a W in the box, the sales tax will be added to the total tax automatically.
New feature Other Menu shows Life Health & Disability Comparison

Avoid the desired printer from becoming the Default Printer, It allows resizing the Print preview Window. It also updates the Credit Application with new features that improve reliability and printing.

Life Health & Disability Checks will work for enable and disable
Delete button, more inventory reports, easy sold & working file switch.
Amount Financed Roll-Back to the Price or Down-Payment (just edit the Amount financed and press Enter)
New GMAC Factors- New Security Feature in the Credit Reports Module (Password Protected)
New Texas Inventory Tax on Purchases.
New South Carolina Tax Cap on Leases!, Review you advanced defaults!
adds functionality to the Credit Application (you can recall a specific app and choose a different Form to print.) FORD UPDATE FORMS INCLUDED! , New Reserve Calculations for Points

New ability to enter a FLAT reserve amount in the Sale Recap Module.
Better Network Control!
TUB (total unpaid balance report adjustments)
Please note your advanced defaults (missing fields can cause unpredictable results) I you recall an older deal
and you notice some features are not available return to the home screen and select File, Advanced Defaults
check both pages and select Save.
NJ Disability table update, Forms update
MORE inventory reports! Print button in the Compare Module!

Improved Inventory Reports module with sizable previews and 32 Bit printer setup.
Also the payment coupon book has the sizable preview and 32 Bit printer setup.
New Delete Button in the recall module
Now if you press F12 on a customer file you can make it Read Only
New Help button in the forms & contracts
Press the Delete Key to permanently delete a form you don't use
Add salesperson's commission % in the recap section!
New PC Carbook for Windows Integration (Import Vehicle)
Print direct prints in one click or the F12 Key
New Thrift Investment Credit application
New Disclosure with optional parameters for Lease.
New Help Tutorial Intranet, New Link to this page directly from the Help Menu
New Law Printing Credit Application & MA ,ME forms
New FILTER OPTION in the BUY HERE PAY HERE files module, makes it easier to find the accounts.
New Corrupt file detection in the Buy Here Pay Here, direct access to files by pressing F12!
New ONLINE MANUAL included in this update
Florida GECC and Wells Reg M Lease forms
New Law Printing Credit Application (fills in Law App)
New Progress Credit App & Credit Acceptance App.
Print direct prints in one click or the F12 Key
Includes Key Bank Lease NY and FMCC for PA (FM41)
New Pyt Book Additional Comment line
fm11 (lease version now fm48)
New OMNI Lease&Wsheet corrections included
NEW FORD APR LEASE RATE CHANGES FOR OCT 2 1999 (Download it now, it will begin working
if the deal is dated Oct 2 199 or later)
North Dakota LA&H, Kentucky LA&H
Ohio Form Corrections
MD Forms , BofA Wsheet, FL Omni Lease
New Mechanics Pyt Formula
New IMPORT module, set your data in delimited format (like the interface.exe program) and run this executable
(import.exe) in the lease folder. (test in a separate folder first) It will extract your customers and produce
Lease Master Customer files!
More Buy Here Pay Here error correction!
FL Bof A & Debis
Lease Recap Reserve adjustments, Luxury Tax FIX
Sort Buy Here Pay Here by Days Delinquent
North Dakota LA&H

New Multiple Portfolio manager added to the Buy Here Pay Here Module, Now you can manage separate portfolios
No limit to the number of accounts, Make a folder to put your Repo's, move them back if they redeem!
New Improved AGING report delinquency Billed & Posted
Ohio FMCC, North Dakota, MA Updates

Multiple Payments:
This new feature was added so you can receive more than one payment when the check from the customer exceeds the required amount. If you post a regular payment, the excess will be posted as a principal reduction, but if you select the Multiple Payment button the program will divide the amount into the number of payments that fit and process each one in turn automatically billing the next, when there is a remainder it will bill and post a partial payment, you should then bill the next
payment (which will ask for a payment plus the remaining amount due) and post the next payment when it arrives.
New ability to recompile including Lease Payment Tax!
More credit report error controls.

Check out the new TN temporary tag! it prints sideways, the form is 12 inches by 7 inches in size and the numbers
are 3"x1" and fit in a specified grid!, the dates are entered by a black circle!
This one has a few last minute Y2K changes (Misc. info, enter the first payment due date with a 2 digit year
if the date is read as 1900 and turns out to be earlier than the Deal Date it will add 100 years to it!)
OHIO form updates & KY fixes
NEW BETTER error control on Buy Here Pay Here!, more automation to multiple payment entry.
New Status pad Reports on Deal Progress (Select tools , File Organizer, click the Directory button, click OK, click the Show all button, then click the Status button) This would show you a report on all deals being worked sorted by salesrep x= Done -=Not done, for explanation of what is done check the Status pad (tools menu).
New Inventory Reports! invemur1,invemur2,invemur3 and invemur4.

Download PROSPECT.exe 01-26-2000,WARNING this update will replace your prospect Database Customers (HANDLE with care!!!) {LMASTER.MDB and LMASTER.LDB would be replaced} This is an improved database with additional phone numbers
and the ability to print one record. Use as a sales rep. prospecting sheet. After installation you can get to it from the "Other" Menu select Prospect Db.

CASHFLOW.exe 12-23-99, New Cash Flow analyzer work in progress(check it out press F11 in the Lease Home Screen).Calculates your Lease to your customers and a Loan between you and your funding source at the same time, showing rate of return and depreciation % You can flip back and forth between the Lease Master and this Module using our new ActiveX.DLL! 3.8Meg File!
Y2K News
As the clock struck midnight our systems analysts continued testing for unpredictable situations due to the Y2K Bug and its implication in computer software.
Following are observations, and solutions for the reported problems in some systems...

Check your System Settings... Click Start, then select settings and select the Control Panel as seen below...

Double Click Regional Settings Choose the Date Tab and you will see a MENU like the one below...

Notice the Short Date Style M/d/yy, the yy stands for a two digit Year, but Windows assumes you are talking about the current century, so if you need to back date something like 97, it will be considered the year 2097 instead of 1997, to avoid this, change the Short date style to M/d/yyyy as seen below...

This way when the program prompts you to accept a Date, it will do so with a four digit year and you will have no doubt which century its referring to.
We have included support for the two year comfort entry of dates, so the program will interpret 00 to 29 as 2000-2029 and 30-99 as 1930-1999 We understand getting used to entering a four digit year may take 30 years to do.
NEW TODO file date adjustments so the new date system will not report you have a phantom item todo today!
New Accounting report module to solve the 2099 automatic Dating issue in the Create a report on this account section.
Debis Lease form update.deb1.rpt /om03.rpt
Amortization Module Date Adjustments.
Delinquency Reports, TUB Reports Date Adjustments
Balloon Payment Recap Adjustment
MORE ACCOUNTING UPDATES (easier to get out of multiple payment entry)
Prospect Database is now Network ready!

ANNOUNCING THE GRID!!! Get ready to be blown away by this awesome new feature!
Recalculate PayOff's change dates, amounts, see the results before you make permanent
changes! Remove a payment, and most important you can have it fix up an old mess!

New Notes long file name interface, Use the F12 in Customer info to access old notes files, use the Notes button to access the new long file name type, this will avoid conflict between people with similar last names that are looking at the same stock number.
NEW IMPROVED BUY HERE PAY HERE, Better Grid repair of irregular payers,Amount due Control.
One button Multiple Payments.




New Report (Buy Here Pay Here) Tax & Payment total by month!
New Report (Buy Here pay Here) Payments by Date Range!
New Print Module, shows paper size and lets you change it before printing, the cancel button is also enabled. Longer Descriptions.
New Report (Buy Here pay Here) Payments by Date Range!

New Mileage Adjustment prompt... Double click the Mileage Adjustment box (in Misc. info) The program will ask some questions and calculate the adjustment!
New Sort by Name in the Accounting Files Section (Buy Here Pay here) just click the top label (Account Number name ....) to toggle between Account number and name.
New Amortization Reports includes Dates, MTD includes headings
180 day inventory aging reports.

Click Here for Windows 2000 XP Printer SetUp Instructions.

New IMPORT feature lets you import CSV Excel files directly.New Letter size credit application included.
The New button has been removed from the Vehicle Info module, to save a vehicle , enter it first then select save.
1- Credit Applications saved in FILES drive instead of locally
2- Buy Here pay Here has new Rule of 78 / Simple interest option button
3- No need to close paid off accounts will report as such automatically
4- Long File names so Johnsons and Johnsonsmith will be separate files.
5- Tool Tips, see what you've been missing just hover the mouse and read the tips
6- Instant TODO and a more accurate read of how many you have.
7- More advanced Defaults Choose to put Warr Profit in front or back end profit.
8- New Improved Drive-Off Rollbacks.
9-Network friendly, you can install in a drive letter other than C:
10- Forms Explorer, lets you see pictures of the forms and select the folders where you want to organize them.
11- More features like Truncated Life Terms and Lease Types.
12- ALL NEW Advance Defaults with additional Help and Front Screen Memorized Selector (in the Other Menu)
You can switch without leaving the Home Screen.
New more exact ROLLBACKS and CA Lic Fees.
A solution for the terrible Sales Tax per County variety we have all over is HERE...
Now all you have to do after Downloading and installing this update, is go to your Defaults Module and Click the label that reads "Default Tax Rate", this will pop up the Sales Tax by County Table, you can add as many as you want an the program will use the tax rate from the table if you enter the county name before you calculate your deal.
You can edit the Statuspd.def file to change the labels in your status pad!
New Status report of the file organizer using your custom status pad labels!
New advanced defaults option, get rid of the nagging for warranty cost, set it up to be zero or the retail price!
NEW NEW NEW! Additional variables... Co-Signer Address, Trade Stock, Color, Body, Warranty Deductible,Warr Number .
More improvements to the additional co buyer information and trade information.
New feature editing leasescn.def to change labels in the Lease Screen.
Automatically, simply use .0001 for the APR and the program will roll the finance charge for you,
You choose the Price or the Down payment!
12-10-2001 Download LMW01-03 TO 12.exe (1.7MG) (Must have 01-02-24 or higher )
Includes all updates between March 2001 and December 2001 in a smaller file!
This file initiates Windows XP Compatibility (if you have XP please install the driver Below) This file will also install in Windows 2000 Without the installer messages. CALL FOR PASSWORD!
NEW TEXAS LAHA rates. Inventory Tax Adjustments.
New Roll back to TERM feature!
Buy Here Pay Here Date Corrections, More Windows XP and 2000 Compatibility.
If you are having problems with your Credit Reports, try Reportwset at the bottom of this page.
NEW PAYMENT COUPON BOOK UPGRADE (Use % or amount for the late charge)



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