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The Lease Master integrates with Imaging software to keep track of your Contracts and Documents. All you have to do is recall the customer in the Lease Master and then select to View Image Files from a drop down menu. This way you could store years of business in a shoe-box size file cabinet. You can store deals in your Hard Disk Drive or Removable Drives or even Diskettes. You can use Scanners such as the PaperPort or your Fax Modem.

There is also a Working File Image Store so you can clear your desk of notes and applications as you go through the process of converting your prospects into customers.

With the New Visual Explorer form Visioneer Paperport you can have your image files in both the Paperport Desktop and directly available to the Lease Master. If you move the location of the Image files all you have to do is point to the new location the next time you need to view the files.

Other modules:
Drag & Drop

We are continually adding new modules to the Lease Master sometimes faster than we enter them in this manual, please check with us often...

A few of our new modules are:

New Graphical Forms Menu: Some of the items in the Forms & Contracts menu are followed by dashes instead of dots, these are Forms created with our graphical interface to take advantage of the abilities of the Windows Environment.

Equipment leasing Module: this unique module enables you to arrange for and execute Equipment leases, call for more details.

Collections Module: This module adds to the functionality of our Buy Here Pay Here Module.

Advanced Defaults: This is our ever changing , multi State configuration module, each box should have one character in caps, following the description next to it. You can memorize you settings below and distribute your settings across the network.

Please call (800) 701-6686 with any questions on these modules.

Drag your Customers from the Sorted Explorer onto the Lease Master Icon and view the File without having to recall it.


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