Compare Terms

This feature will let you enter the residuals published for all terms available for one vehicle and when you click the compare button it will calculate as many leases as entries made and display the lease Compare module with all of them shown and saved in the working directory.

You may recall the file and choose All to view each comparison in the Lease Home screen mode at the same time.

This module will only calculate the payments for the residuals entered.
If you enter a Name for the Deal before entering this module the files created will get stored with that name, the Stock number is changed to describe the comparison.

The Compare Terms Module works by creating and storing individual quotes in a deal one after the other. Then the program invokes the Compare Work module which recalls the File and displays all the quotes in one page. If further editing is required you can recall All the files in the recall module and the program will display as many Lease Master Home screens as needed to show all the quotes stored.


Sales Tools

Amortization Calculate Pay-Off and print reports, This module estimates a Pay Off and shows the amortization by Rule of 78 or Simple interest.

LuxTax Edit the luxury Tax conditions.

Status Pad Log Deal progress

Rollback Roll the payment back to a desired amount, by editing the payment Before of after tax. A box will pop up to ask if you wish to roll to the Price, the rate or the Down Payment.

M.T.D. Report Get a month to date Report.on up to 85 items of the Deals you have in your sold folder.

Compare Work Compare files in the Work directory.

Compare Sold Compare files in the Sold directory.

TODO Edit To be Done files.

Credit Log Edit credit log

The Other Menu

Dealer Dbase Loads an Access compatible Database for the name and information of new Car Fleet Dealers.

Customer Db A simple Database for unquoted prospects.

Lease Master Loads a new instance of the lease Master.

Invoice Module

Available from the Window Menu this module lets you invoice the sale of accessories, parts or service separate from the sale or lease of a vehicle.

Print Form This selection will print the entire form on a laser printer.

Print Text This selection will complete a pre-printed Invoice.

Cash Conversion  
This Module will help in the demonstration of Financing versus paying cash for the vehicle.As you modify the Saving Rate you will notice all the other boxes change


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