Compare Module

6- The Compare Modules (See below)

7- The TODO File (See Page 16)

8- The Credit Log which is another version of the TODO file making it easier to log the Answers from the Lenders to the credit applications you submit.

The Lease Compare module will show all transactions stored under one name, it can be used to compare quotes to a customer, and to view and maintain the files by using the Delete button.

In order to compare different quote you must first store them using the same name. when you store them press the Save button (do not double click a prior transaction on the expandable window) after you have stored more than one you may select the Deal Compare from the tools menu. The window will expand to show as many simultaneous transactions as your screen resolution allows. The Compare module will show both leases and purchases if they were stored in that mode.

The Delete button will show you each transaction at a time giving you the option to delete it.


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