Calculating a Lease or Loan

Check out the Advanced Defaults Section to confirm the settings for your State and Lender.
You should see the Lease Home Screen displayed on the left, if its not there please start it by double clicking the Lease Master for Windows Icon.

This Home Screen is where you can calculate payments and access all other parts of the program.
You have the choice of Lease or Purchase as the Home screen in your defaults module.
To view the Purchase Home screen please select the Window (of the top menu bar) and then select Purchase.

The Purchase Screen
Here you can see the worksheet used to calculate the Sale of a vehicle, terms and payments.
The best way to learn a program is to use it. So we will calculate a sample Lease, and then a Purchase for Mr. Barnie Rrubble.
To begin please select Window and then Vehicle Info. from the top menu.

Vehicle Info.
The Vehicle information module includes a DataBase, you can store your inventory and get reports,or retrieve a particular vehicle to offer it for sale or lease.
It also integrates with popular Electronic New Car Price Manuals to retrieve a vehicle of any Make or Model as if you had it in inventory. You can also retrieve a prior Deal's Trade in without having to re-enter it !
For this tutorial we will enter the MSRP and the Invoice of the vehicle.
Using the Mouse Click the MSRP box and enter the amount of $ 20000 and then press Enter . Now the cursor should be in the Invoice box. Please enter the amount of $ 18000 and select Window and later Home from the top menu.

Back home
Now we are back at the Home Screen which happens to be the Purchase Mode because we selected it when we started. We should select Window and then Lease so we can calculate payments on a Lease.

Back to Lease
Now you should have the Lease Home Screen. Please Click inside the Choice box.

If you press the Down Arrow on your Keyboard the program will first ask you to confirm today's Date. You may press Enter or click the OK button and the Bank Menu will pop up for you to make a selection. Press the Down arrow on your Keyboard or click on the B_of_A choice

Entering the figures...

Now Click inside the Cap Cost box.(The program would place the cursor there automatically.)
We can take advantage of the information stored in our Defaults Module and press the Max Key to let the program enter the Maximum Cap Cost in this box. Press the F2 Key.
The program will enter the Cap Cost amount of $ 22000 you can now Press Enter and the cursor moves down to the Cap Cost Reduction box.

Residual Box

If the residual is known you could enter it here, the program detects the amount as a percentage or a dollar amount. The Lease Master integrates with popular Viewers to let you see the scanned pages of your residual books ON SCREEN !

Double Click inside the Residual box to view the residual book, you can go from page to page by clicking the 1 of 26 page button.

Now we can close that window and enter the 44 we saw for the Acura Integra 60 month term.
Please Click on the Residual Box and type 44 in the box.
Now you should see the Store Module on top of the Home Screen.
You should also notice your customer name in the Search For Box.
If the same Name has been stored before you should also see it in the File Name Box.
You now have two choices:

Add or Replace.

To Add please click the Save button.
To Replace please Double Click the Name in the File Name Box and then Double Click the Quote you wish to replace in the
File Contents Box.
Now you should have returned to the Home Screen and your customer has been stored.

Please click inside the Terms box and enter the Terms of your lease in months, for example 60. If you click the label "Term M" it will give you the choice of changing the type of Term from Monthly to Weekly.

Interest Rate
Now we can go directly to the Interest Rate Box.
Please Click inside the Int Rate Box and the press the F2 Key while holding down the Shift button, this will set the rate at 3.2 which represents a money factor of .0032 this is a sample your actual Buy-Rate may differ .If you click the label "Int.Rate" it will give you choices of rate types.

License Fee

Now you can Click on the Lic Fee Box to let the Lease Master calculate your payments.
Check out the Code Box (Its your profit!). assuming the customer gave you nothing to start !(Cash Down=0).
You can change any figures you wish , the program will warn you if you exceed the lender requirements.
You can also press enter after changing a payment and a Rollback window will take over.

The Purchase Mode
Select the Window and then Purchase from the top menu and you should see the worksheet, you can complete the Price and APR information by clicking the respective boxes. Both worksheets can be completed by using the Mouse, the arrows on your Keyboard or the Enter key. Your total will be calculated as soon as the program has enough information.
The File System

Please Click File, and then Open from the top menu. Double click the name in the center list and notice the dated quotes that appear to the right.

The list in the center would show you the names of your customers in any of two directories Sold or Work, but you can also use any other directory folder or network drive to store and retrieve your customers.

When you Double clicked the name in the center, the file opened to reveal its contents, you can enlarge this list by pressing the List>>> button and then select one of the dated quotes by double clicking it.

The file was recalled

Now you should be at the Home screen with a quote recalled from the files.

NOTE: You can change the type of Rate from APR to Money Factor or GMAC APR by clicking the Int Rate label on the home screen. You can also change the type of Term from monthly to Semi-Monthly Weekly or Bi-Weekly by clicking the Term label.

Its important to notice that the Trade In ACV(appraised cash value), the Pay off and the Cash received will not modify the Lease, they will only affect your profit in the transaction. Trade in allowance is integrated into the Drive-off and may be itemized on the Form Print module.

Double clicking the Stock number will start a counter that will keep the numerical section of the stock number consecutive.

You may edit the Stock number and the Last name on the Home Screen.
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