Auto Dealer Software Pre-Sale Frequently asked questions:
I own a small Independent Used Car Dealer, is this all I need?
Yes as far as software is concerned you will be capable of negotiating sales and leases of automobiles, type the documents and provide the reports needed to file your taxes and manage your business.
Will this program help with Inventory management?
Yes Our complete Inventory Management Databases, help organize your Inventory, produce reports and enter repair orders.
I have a Boat Dealer, Is this for me?
Yes, the program is Boat / RV ready with the ability to rig up Boat, Trailer and two motors in one sale, 17 accessories or accessory packages and 14 repair orders, with itemized reports.
Can you modify the interface to fit my needs?
Yes, we can usually make changes within a few days to fit a particular calculation or a completely different input screen, The current setup also allows for label changes and many calculation options.
How do I get forms and contracts so my printer can print them?
A simple procedure where the program prints a calibration pattern on the blank form, and you can fax or e-mail a scan of the document, we then use this to position the items exactly where your printer will print them.
Can I use any printer?
Yes as long as your printer can handle the paper you will use, we can fill in the boxes or print the entire form.
What about those forms that print on plain paper?
We can reproduce anything you give us and the form will print on your laser or bubble jet printer as well.
Some of my GMAC Forms are Huge, 11 inches wide and 29 inches long, can you print them?
Yes we have special drivers that work well even on Windows 7 32 bit to manage large paper. Some printers have difficulty but we can recommend the right one for your needs.
I have had many problems with other Auto Dealer Software, How is your Support?
Yes we have heard many horror stories, the difference with us is that we are 24/7 on the highest level support from the initial call, while most competitors make you suffer the painful escalation process we have a system that puts you in touch with a programmer the moment you call.
The program is so intuitive, the learning curve is less than 30 minutes to get functional. We also provide GotoAssist online remote control sessions to help tutorial, and one on one solutions.
How many trade-ins can I have on a single deal?
2 trades are standard, each with it's complete description and Allowance, Appraised Cash Value, and Pay-Off.
Can I have a report modified, is there a cost involved?
Yes any Car Dealer or Boat Dealer or Finance or Leasing Company can request a modification via fax or e-mail and we never charge for report customization.
Are you Integrated with a Red Flag Service for the auto industry?
Yes we are 100% direct connect with Black Book Red Flag Service, you never have to re-enter the clients information, the program encrypts the data and sends it directly so you get the report in an instant.
What about a Car Dealers Customer Follow up and Quality Control
We are completely equipped to handle CSI, follow up and quality, with extensive reports, and modules that include reminder tickler warnings to call for everything from lease or loan end, to collections, and notifications.
Can this Auto Dealer Software be used to sell other things?
Yes of course, the loan calculator can even figure out home mortgages.
How do you compare with other Independent Auto Dealer Software Vendors?
We have a unique approach to support and maintenance, when you call you are never waiting to be connected directly with a programmer, capable of modifying the entire program to fit your needs.
I am a Car Dealer that carries my own paper, will this software do what I need?
Yes our Buy Here Pay Here is robust enough to work for Finance Companies and Banks, but it was designed for the Auto Dealer that finances directly, you can print a payment coupon right after printing the retail installment contract or Lease.
Is this software only for auto dealers? What about Boat and RV dealers, Motorcycles, Power sports?
This software was designed for auto, Boat and RV Dealers, Motorcycles, snowmobiles, jet skis, etc. the vehicle information section, lets you rig up Boat Trailer and up to two motors in a single sale, unlimited equipment packages and many fields can be customized to fit your specific needs.
I am an old Independent auto dealer, and have always done things by hand with a ten key calculator, Do I need this?
Yes, these days your customers can calculate their own payments and read bids on their phones, But the main advantage is this...
Say you ten keyed the right numbers and are in the process of filling your forms by hand, the customer may ask about an extended service contract or floor mats, at the last minute, you are so tired from handwriting, you may be inclined to "throw them in" and that over time can be very costly. With our Auto Dealer Software you can make a couple of changes to the deal on the screen and whip out another contract in seconds.
What about those online services that let me type a document for that specific lender?
If you don't have your own Independent auto dealer software, you will be subject to that lenders parameters 100% of the time, they will also own your client information and have all transaction details online, this may be ok for the clients you sold with them, but what about the ones you have not closed yet, you could loose your client to competitors once the web knows they are in the market for a car.
What about the online auto dealer software subscription?
Online is always subject to internet connection, if your DSL line goes down you are out of business, if something happens miles away in their servers your data may be lost or stolen. The other problem with online auto dealer software is that speed is compromised, like when you attempt to rollback a payment by iteration. Sometimes when you type client information the cursor goes way and you have to retype, (I get that a lot with my yahoo mail account)
Can I use the Free Demo? Or is it a bunch of pictures?
You can use our Free Demo, it's a full running version of the program, with only one restriction; the customer last name is locked as Consumer.
Does the one Free Demo, load both Lease and Loan Masters?
Yes the Free Demo includes Lease and Loan Masters as well as the full Buy Here Pay Her, Lease Here Pay Here Options.
Can I put an actual deal on the Free Demo?
Yes you can enter an actual Lease or Loan, and the payments will be accurate, The only restriction is the Last name will be Consumer.
Can I Network the Software Program?
Yes the program is compatible with Drive Letter Mapping to any PC or Cloud Drive.
Can I Make my own forms, you know, align them to my own printer?
Yes the program includes a form maker. You can create entire contracts including special formulas and additional input screens.
Is this also a Desk Manager? Can I use it to pencil deals?
Yes, the Programs first screen is a Deal calculator and desk manager, you can have hundreds all over your desktop, with multiple deals or multiple quotes for the same customer.
Is this similar to Tracker, Frazier, ADP or other Software for Auto Dealers?
Yes and no, we all service the same industry but each has a unique way of doing it, most of our competitors are great products, and service your industry well, our unique features are the way we offer support and updates, when you call or e-mail you are never screened or made to wait while going through a long time wasting menu, you reach a live human voice capable of providing the highest level of support and information 99.99% percent of the time, and for that 0.01% your call is returned within a few seconds. We also believe our program is the easiest to learn and easy on the eyes. Most of our customers learned the program without ever reading a manual, our quick live tutorial gets you functional in less than 20 minutes.
Do you do Independent Used Car Leasing?
Yes we Do, Sales and Leasing Software for New and Independent Used Car, Boat and RV Dealers.
What about Remote printing?
Yes you can print remotely to satellite offices or network printers. If you are on a tent sale you can print all your forms locally or on the office printer.
How easy (or difficult) is this software program to learn?
Even though manuals and videos are available on this web site, the program is so intuitive you will have no problem getting used to it. We also offer free tech support which includes remote control training, where we will guide you step by step through each deal until you feel comfortable on your own.
Can your system be networked?
Yes, the full version of the program is network ready, you can choose to share customers and or inventory across the local network or across the country on the cloud.
Can I get reports of activity when I am out of the office?
Yes the program can send you e-mails for example when a cash receipt is made.
Can I create my own reports?
Yes, our Month to Date Reporting module lets you select up to 9 items of each deal, and one filter to produce and memorize all kinds of reports.
Can my records be stolen? or lost, or mixed with the records of another car dealer?
We do not have access to your records. Your customer and transaction data stays on the local computer or on your assigned hard drive. unlike the other web based Independent auto dealer programs out there, Lease + Loan Master is a local program.
Can an independent Used Car Dealer share a customer Deal with another?
Yes you can save a single deal to your desktop and e-mail it to another auto dealer.
Can I do Rule of 78 and Simple interest deals?
Yes you can even change a deal from Rule of 78 to simple or from Simple to Rule of 78.
Does this program help me manage auto dealer prospects?
Yes, we include a simple contact manager, capable of storing your prospects, with calendar links to remind you when to call again. The program will also create a complete phonebook of existing clients, pulling the prior deal up when you enter parts of a phone number, name or vehicle. Form letters can be merged with stored customer information.
What about 365 day year vs 360 and the different calculation methods?
Lease and Loan Master is compatible with all existing methods, for Lease and Loans, as innovative calculations are added, we continue to include them. In Leasing we include Payment Factors, EAB, Tilden and the regular Money Factor, APR and rent Factor. In the Loan Master we have both Rule of 78, Simple, and all the various ways of calculating the number of days in a year and the number of days to the first Payment. We also include Zero APR rollbacks and Lender Fees that change the APR, Life Health and Disability Insurance and Etch, Gap and other additions.
What if I need a special formula?
We add special formulas on all our forms, and will also modify the program on request.
Can I process multiple Deals or Quotes?
Yes, multiple quotes is our specialty! You can run many instances of the program on the same screen a few could be different scenarios of the same deal. Others could be different deals all together, you can save all to your working folder to review and continue the sale later.
Do you speak english?
Yes, of course, all our tech support is in the USA we also have spanish speaking technicians, try calling our support line 800 70106686 you will speak to our top level support every time!
Can an Independent Auto Dealer use this as the only F&I program?
Yes, this is a stand alone program, even though it can connect to quickbooks and other programs, it doesn't require them.
I was recommended your program due to it's closing tools, can you explain?
Yes, Our Program can roll back payments to the Sale Price, Down Payment, Interest Rate, Balloon Payment, Service Contract, The Term or Trade in Allowance. By rollback we mean you can change the payment and the calculation changes the desired item so that the payment you request is achieved. This is very important during the negotiating process, and is simply not available on web based applications.
Additionally, you can separate many quotes on the same screen as you go through the process of closing, So if you need to give up on the price of the service contract you can make some of it back on the rate or the trade. By keeping the quotes on screen you can always go back and forth. Each screen can be resized and placed all over the screen, numbers are easy to read and placed intuitively, Best of all, the second your customer agrees to a deal you are happy with, you can print forms and present them for signature without delay.
What do they mean when they say I will smile when a customer asks a question?
Most other programs are cumbersome requiring lengthy procedures to complete or make changes to a deal, you move from one module or page to another, and many items will not work unless the page is filled in completely. Once you and your customer agree on the price, there is little incentive to make changes when questions are asked.
Our program was designed to make that process so simple you smile when the customer seems to stop the process to ask about adding or removing an option in equipment or financial terms. For example, if the customer wonders if they should keep the trade in out of the deal or remove the warranty, or add the satellite radio option. You can smile because you can make those changes on the fly, keeping each quote open on the same screen, completely in control of your increasing gross as you go from plan A to plan B or C etc.
Can you show me an example of the above feature in a deal?
Lets say you have pretty much closed a deal with a Trade-in worth 2000, that you had to allow 2300 in the negotiation, so you are over allowing 300. And as you present the papers for signature, your customer mentions their neighbor wanted to buy the car from them for 2400.
If you are using a complicated cumbersome or web based system, you push to have your customer sign anyway, and if you are successful you complete the deal and begin to work on getting your next up.
But with our program you can smile, and quickly remove the trade on a side quote, to show the customer how little the payments change if the trade in is removed, how their 2400 will go a long way if saved, and in the process you avoid the 300 over allowance that was going to impact your gross... Everybody wins! That is the difference between "order taking" and "Deal making".
What about the Multiple Deal Feature?
Say an independent used car dealer, advertised five vehicles in the local paper including special lease or finance options and payments, each of those 5 cars can be saved as an icon on the desktop, making it easy to process the sales by just adding the customer name. While a customer is completing the application, you can pop up another Lease or Loan Master and enter a totally new transaction, and bring up more to answer a question from a sales call. The number of deals on the screen is only limited to your computers memory, and monitor size, most can easily have over 50 separate deals open at the same time.
Web based Application vs Stand Alone, which is better?
We chose to be a stand alone application, because in order to become web based we would have to give up a lot of functionality and features...
Security, Web based applications use encryption, but every keystroke is sent across the web and can be intercepted, the hackers are working day and night to un encrypt the information and large servers are their main target. Stand alone program are separated from the web, your PC can be totally disconnected from the web and the program will continue to run. In simpler terms a web based program is like keeping your car in the alley with a good alarm system, and a pc based program is like keeping it in your own garage.
Speed, Our program has the ability to iterate through millions of calculations to roll back to a desired payment, and you can run hundreds of instances of the program to hold work in progress, as well as printing up to 18 forms at a time, Reports run by reading thousands of individual files as they are produced, and you can recall a deal from a decade ago just as fast as a deal from yesterday, all that would be impossible for a web based program. In simpler terms a web based program is like driving the martian rovers by remote control while a pc based program is in your hands 100% of the time.
Accuracy, Many web based program suffer a varying lag when typing into text boxes, caused by the changing connection speed and the possible tie down of the server in busy periods, this can cause inaccuracy as names are misspelled and numbers missed. With a stand alone application this is completely avoided and you can look at the keyboard knowing that the keystrokes are being accepted by the program.
Economy, Most web based programs are more expensive than stand alone, they require a subscription with monthly payments forever, your data and files are held hostage unless payments are made, and they can raise fees at will. Stand alone program can only charge for support and updates, most of those charges are optional and your data stays on your pc.
Customizing, Web based applications are very difficult to customize, they would require a change that affects all users, on the programming side they are very difficult to program so they are compatible with the many browsers and platforms, this makes it impossible to use a what you see is what you get programming procedure, mistakes take longer to correct and you are slowed down by updates and server repairs you have no control over.
State Specific, Web based programs cannot be State specific so you end up with a bunch of space wasting boxes you never use, making the screen busy and difficult to read.
Conclusion, with the power of the PC, increasing every year, we believe web based is a step backwards, where you give up speed and functionality that is priceless in your industry, the advantage of transportability can be overcome by installing in a laptop or tablet pc, the program is also friendly to remote control such as goto my pc and goto assist or meeting, so you don't have to give up anything.
What other differences are there between your auto dealer software program and Tracker, Frazier, ADP, UCS, Desk Manager or other Software for Auto Dealers?
Additionally we have unique features such as Multiple Screens, where you can work on many separate auto dealer transactions, or the various plans or scenarios for the same deal, Most other programs either have a single instance limitation or offer a separate deal calculator, which requires re entry of data once a deal is agreed on, With our solution, you could have various transactions on the screen and proceed to type forms on the active one, before you switch to the next, all this without hitting the save button.
We also have the ability to program a new form a few minutes after you fax it, with our calibration options we no longer need to wait for you to mail originals. We also have and continue to add special finance modules and sales closing tools, The entire program is dedicated to enhance the quality of your sales or lease deal.
What about sharing a deal between two offices, do I have to send the entire database?
Sharing can be is as simple as attaching a small file to an e-mail, or saving it to the cloud or flash drive, each deal is a single file, so you never have to send the entire database.
Small software Company vs large Corporation, which is a better program?
The choice is yours of course, we believe we are good for you because we can quickly make changes to customize this software to fit your needs, we are always available for comments and requests, using the same telephone number for support and sales. Large companies need to set rules and procedures to operate, many times this could cause delays in their ability to respond to your needs, and to get the upper management to hear your feedback. Lately many companies lost the ability to make changes to programs that where written in the 80's by people who are no longer affiliated to the company.
What is the difference between the auto dealer and the boat or rv dealer part of the program?
While most calculations are similar, there are many situations where trailers for example are taxed different than boats or motors, so we have four separate inventory tables, one holds boats, the other trailers and the last two hold the motors, so you can build a rig for the sale or lease. The same way an RV dealer could separate a cab and chasis from the living quarters, fifth wheel trailer or other sections of the RV.
I am a small used car dealer, I have had your program since 1988 but never updated or contacted you since, If I update to the latest version will I loose my customer list or records, will I have to convert them? And what is the cost of updating?
You will be able to open your deals without having to convert them, one of our prime directives has always been retro-compatibility, the program will read your old format information and offer new fields such as e-mail and cell phone boxes for you to fill in, the cost to upgrade to the latest version is only 199.00
Is this Auto Dealer Software all I need to type contracts, store and report on deals and manage my dealership?
Can I charge a credit card directly out of this auto dealer solution?
Yes, this auto dealer solution includes the ability to select the down payment, pickup payment, or monthly payments and charge them to your customers credit card directly.
Can I export my inventory to my web site, auction, CAPS interface, Authenticom, Credit Acceptance Corporation and the like?
Yes, all it takes is saving your username and password, the auto dealer can send a specific report, no charge for customization, you can select what to send and what to keep, filter and modify at will, the best part is the report can be placed on the remote ftp site with the click of just one button.
Is the Free Demo really free?
Yes, Our Free Demo is really Free!, no deposits are required, if you are asked for a password, just call our real person 24/7 phone 800 701-6686 and we will give it to you. The free demo is the actual program with all it's features and options, the only restriction is the last name of the customer and a counter limiting the number of uses.
How do you compare with other programs?
We are faster, better, and easier to use, some other programs can over restrict your deals, or make it too complicated to complete a deal or type forms and contracts. We make it fast and easy, you can enter a car, truck, boat or rv deal any way you want, and in any order. Forms are easy to find (we have a graphical interface showing pictures of each form) and the printer doesn't have to be set up or changed, some forms can go straight to the dot matrix printer while others are set to go to the laser or ink jet printer. Our screens can be resized to show larger fonts that are easier on the eyes, and we continue to improved by taking your input daily and posting updates that provide immediate results.
My current Dealer Management System DMS is too complicated, I have to fill in too much info, more than is needed for a quick sale, do you have a better alternative?
Yes we do, our program can close a complete deal with only the price and term, without entering the customer, as you would do if you want to enter the customer later, you can enter information in any order and there is no forced procedures to complete.
I have a problem with my current Auto Software Vendor technical support, they make me jump through hoops and can't seem to solve anything.
We have a unique approach to technical support... Continuously updating the program to make the questions unnecessary, we answer the phone with a live person ready to give you the highest level of support on the spot. Our Sales line is the same number as our support line.
My current online DMS (Dealer Management System) gets a little jumpy, sometimes what I type is ignored, and has no way of rolling back payments, How does yours compare?
Online programs are difficult to write and maintain, the promise of mobility by using the Internet explorer, firefox or other browsers to operate limits the things the program can do, and forces the transmission of your deal data back and forth on the internet. The PC has advanced so much in speed and features it is sad to see how all of that is sacrificed for the sake of mobility, We can understand using web mail for example instead of Outlook, and we learn to deal with the excessive misspelling and typos is produces, but for a Dealer Management System to work it has to be close to perfect, fast and accurate, and you can only get that on a local installation.
What about my satellite offices, can we share the data?
Yes of course, you can assign a drive letter anywhere inside or outside the local office, you could also set up a server in the cloud and have the separate offices share customers and or inventory from all.
I am Fed Up with my current DMS, I am constantly informed of the things I can no longer do, In the past I was able to roll back payments, and do multiple quotes, Now they say it's not possible due to server issues, why do I feel we are going backwards?
We hear you, that is the problem with the trend towards Web based applications, the DMS that is Web based is constantly changing, they continue to remove features for the sake of saving bandwidth and you are the one being sacrificed, they modify your printers to fit their system, so you can no longer use them with other programs, and features like a payment rollback are removed and no longer available. Leasemaster is not web based, it is a free standing Auto Dealer Software Application that includes Roll back payments and will not alter the way you use your printer with other programs, we don't even need the Dot matrix printer to be the default printer and yes we can print 33 inch long documents. Multiple quotes are only limited by your pc's memory, the average pc can have up to 50 deals open at the same time.
How fast can I get your Auto Dealer Loan Master?
You can download our free demo in the next 5 minutes, order the program online and activate it in another 5, we can program a form for you after you print our calibration sheet on it and fax it so you could be typing forms in the next 25 minutes.
What if I have a custom Purchase Order with my logo on it, can you program that?
Yes we can, simply e-mail the Word, Jpeg, PDF or other electronic format of your PO, we can program it to print entirely on your color printer, or if you have preprinted copies, print our calibration pattern on it and fax it. we can align all the information in minutes.
I own two auto dealerships, can I handle deals from both while keeping them separate?
Yes, you could have 10 or 20 dealers and have a separate icon on your desktop for each store, You can save set parameters for each type of transaction and save them as icons on your desktop.
Can I send a deal from one auto dealer to another auto dealer?
Yes, you can actually e-mail a single deal or quote, you can also save to a flash drive or a networked server or drive in the cloud, if you decide to e-mail a deal the recipient could simply double click the attachment to open and view the entire deal or quote.
Can you help if my PC starts acting up?
We are of course experts in our program, but if it's something we have seen in the past we will be glad to offer support, and if we can remote control we will fix it ourselves.
Can you install my Auto Dealer Software for me?
Yes we can connect to your desktop if you want and we can do the entire installation for you, you can go back to selling cars while we do all the set up. If you want we can install the demo on your pc for you, just give us a call and we can schedule an installation and a free tutorial.
Can I have my repair order checks alter my inventory directly?
Yes with our Quickbooks Interface option your repair orders can go directly to your auto inventory database.
Can all my Car Deals go straight to Quickbooks, itemized and in detail?
Yes with our transaction interface your entire deal will move over to Quickbooks, without having to manually import them.
I am a Buy Here Pay Here Auto Dealer, Sometimes I am not in the office and a customer comes in to make a payment in cash, how can I control this to avoid the possibility an employee may keep the money?
The LeaseMaster has a special e-mail setup that will send you an undetected e-mail whenever a receipt is printed, if you instruct you customers never to pay cash without a receipt you should be able to reduce crime.
Can I make my own auto dealer forms?
Yes, our solution includes a form maker, so if you prefer to create your own, you can. You can make a few and order others from us, your choice, we believe as an automobile, boat, rv dealer you should have control over costs and the ability to have 100% control of what gets printed in your documents and contracts.
What about printing Auto Dealer Window Stickers?
We can print them all, with your logo and colors, on labels or plain paper.
What about form letters, thank you letters, follow up letters for mass mailings?
Yes, Yes, Yes we do it all, you can make all sorts of lists, and phone lists of your sold and working auto dealer customers, we can embed your designed letter to fill in the blanks instantly.
I have read fantastic reviews of your auto dealer software program, however I have never seen you in trade shows or any advertising?
True, we pride ourselves of being dedicated to serve your industry, we have maintained a zero advertising budget for over a decade and continue to grow by word of mouth, the price difference between our product is a reflection of the savings of this method.
I have been shown by other auto dealers how quickly they can get a form programmed, and how fast you answer the phones, how can you do it? Others get their lines overwhelmed with tech support calls and put people on hold for hours.
We have a unique method of operation, we use the same telephone number for sales and support, if there is a problem and support calls are too many, then the sales volume will have to drop. So the effort is in maintaining an easy to use program that requires very little support, when ever we get a call with a question, we always rethink the program to make the necessary changes so the call is not needed in the future. We also continue to enhance our technical frequently asked questions section to include the new solutions.
I currently am considering ADP's lightspeed program but the price is out of this world, I also hate being told how to run my business can you help?
We will not badmouth a competitor, we are sure a large system like ADP's is beneficial to many in your industry, and we are sure some businesses could use stricter guidelines, many of their subscribers are New Car Dealers that where instructed by the Factory and Franchise regulations to use ADP. That said we offer an alternative that you can control at prices too low to compare, and yes we do service New Car Franchised Dealers too.
I thought I had the Best Auto Dealer Management System, it was expensive and will remain unnamed, They never answer the phone, I can't figure out how to use it, and when I finally get a call back they patronize me to death.
We have heard of them... Some software vendors are in fact re-sellers of other products, they mark up the price and push more sales that can be handled by support staff, the patronizing is their way of limiting the volume of tech support calls.
My current Auto Dealer Software Vendor said I have to buy another one, because the old one is no longer valid, will you do the same?
We have a prime directive of retro-compatibility, our clients can work on a customer last saved in 1988 on our old DOS version just as fast as they can work on the latest Windows 7, of course in 1988 we had no fields for Cell phones or e-mails, but the latest program can still recall the oldest deal instantly. What keeps changing is the Operating system (like the version of Windows) we are constantly adjusting to fit the new versions but always keep the original format. And no you don't have to re-learn the system.
My auto dealer software vendor said they can't make changes anymore, something about the code.
Many of these programs where written by people that retired years ago, the technical support was outsourced to India and all they can do is add patches to the code, eventually the patches get patched and the program slows down to a crawl. We are the developers of Lease &Loan Master and use no vendors or "sales departments" so we can open the code and make changes on the spot.
Is your auto dealer software compatible with Windows 7 32 and 64 bit? What about printing?
Yes we are, and we have the long form drivers for the 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 7 You can print forms up to 33 inches long!
Do I have to make the Dot matrix printer the Default printer?
No each form has the ability to remember what printer you want to use with it, for example, if you want to print a letter or a plain paper form you can set it to remember to use the laser or color jet, and for a long Bankers Systems Contract you can set it to remember the Dot Matrix.
My State has specific requirements for taxes on sales and leasing of cars and trucks, can you comply?
Yes we are 50 State Ready, and have also implemented Canadian and European Leasing and sales, Since we service what we sell we can continue to adapt and make changes to fit the way lawmakers continue to change taxation and regulations.
Is this software only for auto dealers, what about boats, rv's and motorcycle dealers?
We are currently servicing 60% of our customers are auto dealers, the other 40% are boat and powersport dealers, many RV and Motorcycle dealers are combined with the auto dealers, all use Lease & Loan Master for Windows.
How long Have you been in business?
Lease Master was created in 1988, originally it was a Auto Lease Program, the Loan part came a few months later and found a niche because it was working on stand alone IBM pc's instead of requiring the use of server and terminals that where very expensive to obtain, We embraced the Windows Operating system as soon as it came out, and evolved over the years with it. Most of the ideas that made this program great came from one on one contact with our clients and our undying effort to satisfy requests. So that is 23 Years of development and experience!
I am a used car dealer, we have special needs for calculations and presentations, you can call it sales aids, what do you offer in that?
Starting with our multiple quote interface, where you can carry a prospect through plans A to Z, (with trade-in, without, large down, no down payment, cash vs finance, lease vs buy, price vs rate, good and bad credit etc)
We also have fuel savings comparison wizards, to help decide if a hybrid vehicle saves money when comparing the price to the fuel consumption savings, Special financing to look up your inventory and find qualifying cars, cash conversion calculators to show if financing is a better choice than paying cash, menu selling, weekly conversions, and many many more, as you come up with plans and formulas we add them to the program at no charge.
How much does it cost to get VIN decoding? You know, where you type in the Serial number of the car and the program gets the Year, Make and Model?
The VIN Decoder is FREE, it also works to verify that the Serial number you typed is correct.
What is the cost to make auto dealer custom Forms?
If you order 10 they are $45.00 each, or $50.00 if you order 5 Any form we make is covered for a year of changes, adjustments and modifications at no charge.
I am a car dealer, but I need special custom reports created, what would the cost be for them?
All custom reports are FREE, there is no additional charge.
I am a Buy Here Pay Here Automotive Dealer, I require Metro II reports, what is the initial charge and monthly fees for this?
Metro II reports are FREE Included with our optional Buy Here Pay Here Module.
What about Payment Coupon Books?
Payment Books are included FREE at no additional charge.
What is the cost of the interface to run credit reports for a car, boat and RV dealer?
The Credit report interface is 100% FREE of charge.
What is the cost for technical support? Quickbooks support, and or Network Support?
Support is FREE for one year (on the full version) and 90 days on the base $299.00 version
I am an Auto Dealer, I need to have special Window stickers made, What is the cost for this?
You can order them the same way you order forms and contracts for $45.00
What about plain paper forms, You know where you print everything on plain paper without inserting a pre printed form?
Same as any form, but we can't reproduce Copyrighted material, you would provide the graphic logo and text. If we receive written authorization we can reproduce the forms on plain paper for you, Bankers Systems Sells license for those on a per financed contract basis, so you wouldn't have to pay for unused forms, only the ones you complete.
What do you charge for remote access?
Remote access is included at no extra charge with our full support option.
I am a used car dealer and need special finance software, what is the cost of that option?
Our special finance module is included FREE.
What is the cost for weekly payment conversions? You know where a monthly installment loan is converted to weekly or semi monthly payments?
Weekly, bi Weekly or Semi Monthly Payments are all FREE the program has the ability to convert to Weekly, Bi- Weekly, Semi Monthly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi Annual and Annual Payments on both Sales and Leases.
What is the cost to export my inventory to my website or other web services?
There is no charge for inventory export modules or reports.
What about Credit card Charges, can the program process a charge transaction? Any fees?
Charge it Pro is included with the program at no additional cost.
What if I need you to interface with another program, what is the cost?
All integration is offered at no charge on our part.
I run a medium size Used Car Dealer, and I currently use a Online Dealer Management System, apart from being very expensive, I am getting frustrated with the Down Times, it seems every time they add a new user the entire system slows down to a crawl, I get messages that are similar to my Yahoo mail... We are sorry, the page can't load due to a temporary error. You can try back again shortly, or visit our help pages to troubleshoot the issue...
This seems to happen more often each time, and forget trying to call them, when this happens it happens to everyone, and their lines get clogged up! I can never get them to make changes and they seem to make their own so I find myself having to learn a new program every time, Sorry for the length of my question, but I am venting... Can you help? How are you different? Are you Online or Stand Alone?

Yes we can help, our program is Stand Alone, so you would never have to be down, and if you manage to crash your own computer, our support will not be clogged, your call will be answered by a real person and you could be back in business in no time.
Will this program roll payments to the Term, I run a small car dealer and we keep the payments the same, just changing the term of the loan, kind of like the 99 cent store, but our payments are all 199.
Yes you can roll the payments to the term.
I love what I have seen so far, But I need to start small and grow, can I buy this auto dealer software in payments or in parts?
Yes, call us and we will work with you.
We are a large multi franchise New and Used Car Dealer, The Factories want specific reports and files transmitted, can you work with us?
Yes, All we need is samples of the forms or data you need and we can make them for you, additionally we can keep each Franchise separate, and provide reports on each and the entire group together.
I am a Boat & Power sports Dealer, we do most of our sales under canopy on Boat Shows, will this work if we are not connected to the internet?
Yes, the program runs local on your PC, you can install it on a laptop or tablet pc, after the sale you can easily save the deals back to your office network.
I run a multi office Car Dealer, each office sells cars and trucks, but I need to see all transactions as they happen, and they need to share the inventory, Can you explain if you can do this?
Yes, we already do, Each office can save their deals to the cloud (interned secure drive) or they can e-mail each deal to you (your choice)
Inventory can also be shared on the cloud, on a separate location, There are ways for you to see all deals but each one would only see their own, while sharing the pool of inventories. You can also instantly see the last calculated deal at any time on each of the locations.
Will you be able to handle the 999 plan or any other form of VAT tax people are talking about in the future?
Yes of course, we are already capable of handling the Canadian system, but our programming dept is always on top of the latest changes.
I am a New & Used Car Dealer, I am not very computer literate, so learning a new program may be tough, can you help?
Yes we can install it for you, and teach you and your employees one on one via remote control (where we see the same screen) both having access to the mouse and keyboard, we can have you functional in 30 or 40 minutes, all at no extra charge.
Why is your company name when your product is the best auto dealer sales software out there?
It goes back many many years ago, we haven't changed the name because it is a well known brand, Leasing is still how most dealers find us because their current F&I System doesn't provide it, and we eventually get you the Loan Master module too.
Can I order your Auto Dealer Software while using another Auto Dealer Software at the same time, is there a conflict when two are installed?
Yes you can have as many Auto Dealer Software DMS Systems and F&I Systems as you want, there is no conflict, many enjoy the benefits of one while other people in the office are used to the other, we can even assist in exporting or importing data so the systems share information.
I already have your Auto Dealer Software Solution installed, and my partner wants one, is the cost the same, or is there a discount?
Yes there is a discount, the first license is 550 and each additional is only 350 for the Loan Master which does Sales Contracts and Financing.
We can also network the two licenses so they share inventory and or customers, they can share and also work while disconnected without any problems.
Believe it or not I still fill in all my contracts by hand, Do you think I would benefit from using a computer to fill in my forms and contracts?
Yes you would, we can make the learning process easy, by taking you step by step, we do the installation, we set it all up, and then we play sample deals with you as you learn the basic steps of deal calculation and form completion. Warning we have been told this program is addictive.
I run a Buy Here Pay Here operation (BHPH) and sometimes I have a life, and find myself out of the office, can the program notify me when cash is received?
Yes the program has the ability to send you secret e-mails when a cash receipt is printed.
Can you see my customers and their accounts and payments?
No all your data is saved locally in your computer's hard disk drive, and none of it is stored on the web, unless you specifically choose to use the cloud and put data there.
I am torn between getting you Auto Dealer Software and another program my bank will give me for free, Why should I choose yours?
Nothing is really free, you Bank has made arrangements with a web based auto dealer software provider to give you a base account, they limit it to deals done with that bank only, and the parameters are all based on the specific Lender. That may seem good if it's the only Bank you have, but you should still be able to type cash deals and Credit Union Deals, and be open to doing business with the Factory Lenders and other Banks (competition makes them honest) If you have your own DMS you control what you sell and how you finance it, you records belong to you and no one else.
I bought a Used Car Dealer that has and old program called Tracker, I can't find the company or any support for it but it seems to work, Should I change to your auto dealer solution or can I stay with Tracker.
The choice is yours, some of those older programs lost aces to the code and can no longer make changes, as you know Lawmakers are always finding ways to make you change the forms you print and the way taxes are calculated. We have heard of programmers that offer to patch up old programs but the cost is too high. The best advise is to Install Lease & Loan Master and process your new deals there, while you keep the old program to work on old records, you can also have us convert the old records for you if you want. At we created this program ourselves and have complete 100% access to the code and the ability to keep up with the changes.
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