Buy Here Pay Here Accounting / Manual

The accounting Module (Buy Here Pay Here) can be accessed by selecting the Window Menu and then selecting Accounting.
The individual account files are located in the C:\LEASE\ACCTS folder of your computer (the drive letter is the one you selected for Files Drive in the main defaults module).
For each account you will have a file that uses the first 8 characters of the account number and a couple of files with the same name but different terminations such as CLS for closed accounts DOC for the file that contains notes about the account and OLD which is a temporary file created in the process of servicing the account.
The Main Module also contains additional information on SOLD files folder (C:\LEASE\LESD.WRK) . The link between the sold files and the account is obtained by saving the sold file with the account number entered in the accounts module.
Once and account has been saved you may access the information in two ways: 1- You may recall the customer in the SOLD files and select Window Accounting to enter the accounts module, the program will open the account file automatically and display the last entry.
2- You may enter the accounts module with a clear Home Screen, after entering the accounts module you can click the Files Button in the lower central area. This will display all accounts in the folder and report delinquency at the same time.
To recall the account all you have to do is click the account on the list, the program will then recall the SOLD file and take you back to the Accounting module and display the last entry.
One of the biggest advantages of the Lease+Loan Master is the ability to design your own routine to enter and retrieve information, this flexibility sometimes caused problems when we try to train a new user and find ourselves describing the many ways you can proceed



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